Friday, June 5, 2009

Jumping on the Trampoline at Grandma Judy's

Hiking at the White Tank Mt.

We went to the White Tank Mt. for a hike. I remeber when we (Kasey, myself, Jeff, Kendra and Jarett) were the ones running up the hike telling our Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa Robison to come on up..this time the boys were trying to make me and Chad is not a hard hike but it did feel long this time.

Down Town Phoenix - The Japanese Festivel

This is where the Boys got the swords from.. They saw the Ninja men cut though the bamboo like butter, they got to keep some of the bamboo, there was music, they loved the drums-it sounded like thunder under your feet. This was a great day.

The Arizona Desert Botanical Garden - Chihuly - the natue of glass

The Chihuly Exhibit is glass blown art sculptures--they were simply amazing!

St. George, UT camping

St. George, UT camping
Trevon & Keenan went with G-ma Judy and Papa to St. George, UT camping/fishing trip, with great grandpa, and Ma Clark